The Great Gospel of John

You think that the reappearance of an already departed soul would mainly strengthen the believe in the immortality of the soul and the believe in God, and I say to you that in this regard you are stuck in a completely, fundamentally wrong opinion! Firstly a departed soul in the beyond has exceedingly more than enough to do for itself and for its neighbours and does not really has the time to appear to the people in the flesh several times with a body created from the air and the earth and to teach them how things are and look like in the beyond, and secondly can every perfect spirit in anyway influence the people without limiting their free will in the best possible manner, and such invisible influence is for man much more salutary than the visibility and audibility of a departed spirit. For if a good and already quite enlightened spirit places good and honourable thoughts and feelings in your heart, they are already as good as if you have created them in you yourself; they unify with your life and motivate you to become active. – The Great Gospel of John, Book 6, Chapter 225, Paragraph 3

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