The Great Gospel of John

Influences of spirits and communication with the world beyond. Independence and freedom of human will

[6.225.1] Said I: "You now have spoken indeed and with your speech would have created quite a sensation in a school of the Sadducee, Stoics and Epicures; but here you have assessed the matter like a blind the light and colours and like a deaf person the harmony of a well tuned harp.

[6.225.2] The life of the soul cannot be shown and proven to you by a person and even less so by any departed spirit. You must find it in yourself; and this is not otherwise thinkable possible, than through the true love for God and the love for the neighbour.

[6.225.3] You think that the reappearance of an already departed soul would mainly strengthen the believe in the immortality of the soul and the believe in God, and I say to you that in this regard you are stuck in a completely, fundamentally wrong opinion! Firstly a departed soul in the beyond has exceedingly more than enough to do for itself and for its neighbours and does not really has the time to appear to the people in the flesh several times with a body created from the air and the earth and to teach them how things are and look like in the beyond, and secondly can every perfect spirit in anyway influence the people without limiting their free will in the best possible manner, and such invisible influence is for man much more salutary than the visibility and audibility of a departed spirit. For if a good and already quite enlightened spirit places good and honourable thoughts and feelings in your heart, they are already as good as if you have created them in you yourself; they unify with your life and motivate you to become active.

[6.225.4] If however a spirit, as for example Moses, would appear to you and say to you: 'This and that you have to do if you want to attain life; if you are not going to do this you will fall into the judgment of the almighty God and there hardly will be any fully happy rise from the death of judgement!', you will tremble after such an admonition and will for the rest of your life not dare to do anything else than what the spirit of Moses has advised you to do.

[6.225.5] What however will be the use for you from that? See, nothing; since then not your own better recognition has prompted you to act, but the power of the spirit which has come to you, and you hardly gain any value for your soul! It is nearly the same as if you people train an ox or a donkey or any other animal to perform a certain task; if you have trained an animal for a coarse work in the field, this is surely only your gain and not the gain of the animal.

[6.225.6] If I with My almightiness wanted it to be, that no person ever commits any sin, no person would ever sin again; for he would not be able to dare transgress one hairbreadth beyond My will, just as nobody can shape his body differently, as he is created by the will of God, and can also not extend his bodily life at his own discretion, since all this depends on the almighty will of God. If God would allow it that no person would ever commit a sin, who would have the gain completely for himself regarding the totally sin-free life of a person, who was guided by the almightiness of God, just as it guides the growth of the trees and all other fruit and guides the worlds through endless space? Surely nobody else than God Himself, since man would be nothing else than a play-doll in the hands of God! It also would be a lot more comfortable for God, as it is also more comfortable for Him to create the different animals with their most diverse and most strangest properties and then to guide them and let each in its own way become active.

[6.225.7] However, the people of this earth are destined to become free and totally independent children of God, and as such they must be guided in such a way that their necessary most free will does not experience the slightest coercion from any more powerful side of a spirit, but be guided only through revelations and teachings and by external laws, to seize with their free will the truth and good which they have been taught, and become active accordingly out of their own self-determination.

[6.225.8] See, the deference of the free will of the people of this earth goes by God even so far, that He not even considers what one or also several people think, want and do. Only if deviated too far from God, only then does God look at them and awakens seers, teachers and prophets, who can announce to the people anew the will of God and His intentions. If the people take note of it, things will improve again; however if they do not take note of it, and mock and pursue the awakened seers, teachers and prophets of God, then God must allow a necessary external punishment to come over the people and often over a whole nation. But even such a judgement is never directly activated by the almighty will of God, but such a judgement comes always from blind and wilful wrongdoings of the people.

[6.225.9] The mighty Hanochites have been warned for more than a hundred years, that they should not for the sake of gold and precious stones destroy whole mountain ranges and should also not level them to the base to more easily conduct their wars, because thereby they would open up large underground water sluices and drown everybody. But all this was to no avail; they did what they wanted, dug even deeper into the mountains and opened up the water sluices. See, this was not carried out by the almightiness of God directly, but took place only through His admission, which was the necessary result of people who did not wanted to listen to His timely admonitions!

[6.225.10] Through His almightiness God could have captivated the people, so that they would not continue to destroy the mountains any further! Yes, this would be very easy for God to do; but the people would then have ceased to be people, and it would also afterwards in the kingdom of the spirits not be possible to put them back on free human feet. God rather allowed it to happen that whole mankind through its wilful actions perished according to the flesh, than allowing their souls to be harmed only in the slightest manner with regard to their free will and fullest independence.

[6.225.11] Equally so has a tribe been warned several times by the king of Salem, not to live near the vicinity of Sodom and Gomorrah, because there were many underground sulfur deposits and partly contained bitumen. It was also clearly and comprehensively indicated to the people how continuously impure nature- spirits wrench themselves from such deposits and provoke flesh-people to commit sodomy; since just as there are spirits of bawdiness in the wine and provoke the flesh to it if enjoyed excessively, equally so they are also at home in sulfur and bitumen. The people were also told that in such areas quite often earthquakes, mountain fires and many evil storms occur and quite often cause great destruction, whereupon easily famine and pestilence originate; however all such good advice out of the mouth of Jehovah was to no avail. Because the country was otherwise quite lush and fertile, the people nevertheless settled there, and before two-hundred years passed, next to Sodom and Gomorrah ten other cities were built. The people became completely sensuous and committed all kinds of indescribable acts of sodomy and the most hideous fornication even with animals.

[6.225.12] They again were warned during the times of Nahors and Tharahs and they were advised to leave the evil country; however nobody took any note of it. The sons of Tharahs were Abraham, Nahor - who had the same name of his grandfather - and Haran, who fathered Lot. Haran himself went there and preached on instructions of God but did not achieved anything. Lot, his son, did the same for several years and alternately stayed in the various cities and nearly became himself a victim of the spirit of sodomy.

[6.225.13] Then came visible angels who first visited Abraham, and Jehovah was among them and loyally informed Abraham what would happen to Sodom and the other cities. And the two angels were send in the form of two strong youth to the city to still save Lot. The people did not at all listen to the youth but wanted to commit the most unnatural sodomy with them. Then Lot got away upon the warning of the two youth. Only his wife became a victim of her tardy curiosity; she turned into a salt column according to her body as predicted by the two youth. Since they said: 'We must flee quickly and not even take the time to look back; for the underground fires spread very quickly and its everywhere erupting vapours quickly suffocate all physical life and turn everything very quickly into stony salt!' Lot's wife nevertheless stood still for a few moments and was caught by the vapours and became a victim.

[6.225.14] See, again the almighty will of God did not directly caused the full destruction of the evil countryside; because this would happen to this unripe place anyway, which in fact took place later under Abraham. But that at the same time so many people perished, nobody else carries the guilt than the disobedience of their free will.

[6.225.15] God could have of course pulled the people out of there with His almighty will and place them in another, healthy country; but this would be obviously against their will. Since this is considered the highest priority by God and must be considered, and He rather let it happen that all these people perished bodily, than let it happen that only one atom of the freedom of the will of their souls is damaged. Since even for God it is the greatest masterpiece of His love, wisdom and power, to create people who can fully resemble Him in everything.

[6.225.16] In order to effectuate this, man must be born into this world nearly without power and in greatest desolation and obtains his lessons in time from the outer world. If he in such a way has gathered a little knowledge and abilities, only then does the surrounding good and also bad spirits influence him unnoticed, - the good his soul and the bad his physical nature, so that the soul always remains in the most perfect free floating state.

[6.225.17] If man voluntarily adheres to the good outer teachings and admonitions against some challenges of his senses and has adapted his life accordingly, the quiet influence of the good spirits become continuously stronger, which however no person can and also must feel differently, other than as if it is his own free work. Once the influence of the good from heaven through man's own will is strengthened to such an extent, that the soul has completely submitted to it, the true, divine spirit of love will awaken in her, penetrates the whole soul and only then has the soul stepped on to the first level of her completion, is then already indestructible free and can, even in the flesh, receive visions and revelations from spirits and even from the highest angels.

[6.225.18] And then it happens quite often that such people have visions, speak with souls in the beyond and allow to be personally taught by them and give also to other, still naturally living people, a true account of it. Who believes them, does well, - he only should not demand to immediately experience the same; for this cannot take place earlier, until he has attained the same prescribed spiritual soul ripeness.

[6.225.19] Every person should however firstly act faithfully according to the received good teachings and then pay attention to his soul, but also to the often in his flesh sleeping evil desires, who express themselves only too well in all kinds of sluggishness, work-shyness, lust, self-love, stubbornness, haughtiness, jealousy, stinginess and power-addiction. The last he should oppose through the power of love to God and through the love for the neighbour, through patience, meekness and gentleness, he will not have to wait too long, when the good spirits will reveal themselves more feelable and more visibly.

[6.225.20] By the way, there does not exist any person, with whom it was not at least once allowed, to receive certain signs and even visions from the beyond. If man however sets everything as naught, and regard it as nothing else than a deception of the senses, he cannot be helped. I think that I have enlightened your query and remark fully according to the everlasting truth, and everyone must recognize from that, how things stand with the people on this earth. - Do you perhaps still have something to say about it?"

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