The Great Gospel of John

[6.224.8] Even if then a prophet rose among the people again and stated that God speaks through him, they only became annoyed about him and said to him: 'Prove yourself as immortal just like Elias!' or 'Call the long gone fathers and prophets, that we can see them and that they can give us a living testimony - firstly that there really exists a life after death, and secondly, that you are a true prophet! If you cannot give us that proof, we believe you just as little as we have never ever believed the old prophets in the past and also will not ever believe them in future; since they have died, just as you will die, and nobody ever has heard anything from them. We have preserved their scriptures indeed, but the insatiable earth has devoured them all. To what use are all their scriptures full of teachings about the everlasting life, if they as teachers after their death cannot give us the most assuring proof, that they are their teaching's truth?!'

[6.224.9] See, Lord and Master, this is how in time the people started to think and also to act and also have killed the prophets, if they as usual did not stop to announce all kinds of punishments to them! Why is it not allowed that a dead prophet at times comes back to earth, and provides with his appearance a testimony, what he taught on earth in the flesh? And why are always the people accused about their incredulity?

[6.224.10] If only one time somebody would come - of course in a manner that one had to recognize him as he who was once on earth in the flesh, it would strengthen the believe and the people would surly live according to his teachings. But according to our good knowledge this never happened, and as such it is quite obvious that the people became doubting and disbelieving. That for the long time already the temple became completely anti-Moses, is mainly the result of what I already have said, as well as, that the Sadducees who separated from us, very openly do not believe in the immortality of the soul anymore. And who can, strictly speaking, blame them based on reasonable grounds? And as such the clerics are not the only ones to be blamed for the evilness which now rules the temple, but rather the old prooflessness for a life after the death of the body. If the tangible proof for that is lacking, the faith to a God falls away by itself; and even if one still believes in an existence of God, one still does not have a right respect and love for Him and regards His laws given to mankind as inventions of man, which might have been quite good for a certain time period for the life circumstances of the people at that stage, however for present times are not really applicable anymore. I do not say this here to beautify us and the temple; but it is also not really a lie that it was so and still remains so.

[6.224.11] You, Lord and Master, equipped with all fullness of the spirit of God, are now of course the strongest proof and warranty for an everlasting life of the soul after death; but except for us there still exist countless many other people, who will have to live without this most strongest proof forever. Can they be regarded guilty if they do not believe in an everlasting life of the soul after the death of the body and worship rather the sun or fire as a Godhead? Would it not be possible that at least the deceased parents could come to their children and say, what they have to expect after leaving the body, what the soul is and how she looks like?

[6.224.12] However, something like that does not take place, and therefore everything said about the beyond is a kind of fable, in which only an insane person can believe, which however a deep thinking person can never accept as an absolute truth! And we priests are doing actually something good, if we hold the people in the deepest possible blindness and present to them with great pomp and seriousness all kind of nice smelling spectacle about the beyond. For if we would give to the people our deeper mind education, the people soon would find themselves in an indescribable horrible state.

[6.224.13] Only we priests keep the people in check, to diligently work the earth and conscientiously pay the tenth, - and they are content with it. But of course this contentment comes soon to and end, if uninvited prophets appear every now and then among the people and instigate them against us. I do not refer here to You, Lord and Master, since You are not a prophet, but the Lord Himself; I only refer to such prophets as I have described them earlier.

[6.224.14] Did I now spoke correctly and presented our case of faith according to the truth as it is, or not? I will certainly be thankful to everyone who can give me a better and more true teaching; since it is surly no joke to think all the time about death and a certain destruction, to which in all the world one cannot find any counter proof. Since everything dies and passes and does not reappear again. Even stones weather and dissolve in volatile dust, out of which no hard rock forms anymore, just like no person will ever rise from the grave anymore on a day of judgement, although we teach such to the people! - I have spoken."

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