The Great Gospel of John

[6.224.2] However, after a while the pharisee collected himself again and said: "But Lord and Master, what You tell us here now, we knew long ago! That we could not act differently, will also be clear to You! You could tell us all this and even a lot more, and we couldn't care less, - but only in a different way! But You bring this matter before us, as if we ourselves have rejected the last books of Moses and if it was us that have stoned the prophets! If you would have been personally with Your body among us, this matter would never have gotten so far; now You have suddenly arrived, and everything is above all heavens wrong, - and we cannot change all this from today to tomorrow! What are we five, counting against five-thousand of our colleagues?!

[6.224.3] We ourselves will in future not have much to do in the temple; however, we are not guilty alone that things are as bad and evil as they currently are. Tell us, what should we do differently regarding the temple, other than turning our backs on it in a nice way? For if we start tomorrow to speak out for a good case, we will be stoned tomorrow, and Your case would not yield anything thereby; if we however turn forever our backs on Jerusalem and its false teachers under any pretext as suggested by the Roman, I am of the opinion that we under the acceptance of Your teaching are doing everything, what we in our current situation as weak mortal people are able to do, and more You Yourself, even as God, cannot ask from us! Give us Your wills-almightiness and we will soon be in order with the temple! However, that You accuse us of being indescribable bad, false and evil, while we want to believe in You, at least I do not find very praiseworthy!"

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