The Great Gospel of John

[6.224.11] You, Lord and Master, equipped with all fullness of the spirit of God, are now of course the strongest proof and warranty for an everlasting life of the soul after death; but except for us there still exist countless many other people, who will have to live without this most strongest proof forever. Can they be regarded guilty if they do not believe in an everlasting life of the soul after the death of the body and worship rather the sun or fire as a Godhead? Would it not be possible that at least the deceased parents could come to their children and say, what they have to expect after leaving the body, what the soul is and how she looks like?

[6.224.12] However, something like that does not take place, and therefore everything said about the beyond is a kind of fable, in which only an insane person can believe, which however a deep thinking person can never accept as an absolute truth! And we priests are doing actually something good, if we hold the people in the deepest possible blindness and present to them with great pomp and seriousness all kind of nice smelling spectacle about the beyond. For if we would give to the people our deeper mind education, the people soon would find themselves in an indescribable horrible state.

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