The Great Gospel of John

This also the Romans heard and our Agrikola came from his table to Me and said: "Lord and Master, I also overheard these instructions and became very joyful about it, that You also in such matters have taught us! See, we used to feed the criminals in the dungeons with river- and sea crayfish! These animals, if you can get them, are cooked in salted water with thyme herbs mixed in. If they become red, they are already sufficiently cooked. When thus prepared, they are handed to the prisoners as food. Initially, as it was observed, only severe hunger drove the prisoners to eat them; however, in time they started to like it very much, and they became very healthy, looked from day to day better, and finally everyone was looking forward to eat crayfish. Those, however, who completed their jail time, also afterwards ate nearly nothing else than crayfish, if they just could get hold of them. What are You saying to such food? Is it also advisable that it could be enjoyed by other people?" – The Great Gospel of John, Book 6, Chapter 222, Paragraph 3

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