The Great Gospel of John

[6.222.17] You yourself eat acidulated bread even on a Sabbath, eat wild poultry and even allow your apostles to eat everything what people in other countries eat. You do so for your earthly advantage and therefore break the law; but I recommend this to the people out of pure love and mercy and for such dispensation I do not demand a sacrifice and therefore does not abolish the law of Moses! For if man satisfies his hunger with whatever eatable food, he does not sin against any law of Moses. However, if a Jew out of pure lickerishness and because of futile palatal tickle to the annoyance of his fellow-men, eats the meat from impure or suffocated animals, while having sufficient meat from animals indicated as pure, sins, because he annoyed his weak fellow-men.

[6.222.18] I hereby say nothing else than: Man in an emergency can also eat the meat from all the animals indicated by Me and does not need to have a bad conscience about it; but he should first prepare it as I have indicated it earlier, and it will not harm him! However, the blood from especially suffocated animals, nobody should eat, since it contains many hidden evil spirits (poisons)! You know such quite well, but secretly you still eat the meat of suffocated chicken, calves and lambs, because it tastes better and you become intoxicated and randy and finally entirely without feeling.

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