The Great Gospel of John

Pure and impure food

[6.222.1] While the several pharisees continued their discussions with the disciples, I conferred with Lazarus and his innkeeper about totally unimportant earthly matters. However, the many present toll-collectors and their colleagues paid attention to everything I, Lazarus and the innkeeper talked about, and found out quite a lot what they could use for their agriculture and their cattle breeding.

[6.222.2] I drew their attention to many root fruits, which they quite well recognized from My descriptions, and which they could plant and prepare afterwards for consumption. I also made them familiar how to prepare the meat of pigs, deers, roe deer, chamois, gazelles, the wild and tame hares and many different species of birds, so that they could eat it and the food would not harm them. I also showed them how and at what time one could catch and kill these animals quite easily, and how one can preserve their meat for a longer period of time for enjoyment by proper pickling and smoking.

[6.222.3] This also the Romans heard and our Agrikola came from his table to Me and said: "Lord and Master, I also overheard these instructions and became very joyful about it, that You also in such matters have taught us! See, we used to feed the criminals in the dungeons with river- and sea crayfish! These animals, if you can get them, are cooked in salted water with thyme herbs mixed in. If they become red, they are already sufficiently cooked. When thus prepared, they are handed to the prisoners as food. Initially, as it was observed, only severe hunger drove the prisoners to eat them; however, in time they started to like it very much, and they became very healthy, looked from day to day better, and finally everyone was looking forward to eat crayfish. Those, however, who completed their jail time, also afterwards ate nearly nothing else than crayfish, if they just could get hold of them. What are You saying to such food? Is it also advisable that it could be enjoyed by other people?"

[6.222.4] Said I: "O, certainly, - however only during the certain month familiar to you, and they have to be fresh and alive obviously! The method of preparation is quite good! However, the river crayfish is better than those from the sea."

[6.222.5] With that Agrikola was quite content.

[6.222.6] Some of the disciples started to speak among each other and said: "Just look at our Lord and Master! For a long time He hasn't spoken about such matters! How can it please Him now?"

[6.222.7] However also the pharisees who talked about Me with the disciples, noticed My speech, shook their heads and said: "Why does He now speaks against the laws of Moses and the Romans does not say anything against it, when they just now reproached us that we have rejected the laws of Moses and set up our own instead! Doesn't he know what Moses has ordered and that the meat of impure animals already defiles a person if he only touches it? Preparation here, preparation there! What is impure also stays impure, irrespective of the best preparation and defiles him who enjoys it! Ha, strange about him that he speaks like that!"

[6.222.8] Said Jacobus secretly to Me: "Lord, don't You hear how the pharisees praise you? Say something against it!"

[6.222.9] Said I: "what do I care about the talk of the blind pharisees! They are blind leaders of the blind! However, where a blind guides another, both are going to fall into the ditch, and neither can help the other. Therefore, do not take note of their talk!"

[6.222.10] But also the pharisees heard this and they began to ask each other, whether I referred to them, since they had become believers now.

[6.222.11] But I got up and said to them: "Yes, I also mean the likes of you! You blind fools! What goes through the mouth in and through the mouth into the body and leaves the body again through the natural way, does not defiles a person; however, what comes out of the mouth from the heart, like evil thoughts, bad and scurrilous talk, dishonouring, perjury, lies of all kind, deception, jealousy, stinginess, fornication, whoring and adultery, gormandising and gluttony, also with your pure foods, really defiles the whole person!

[6.222.12] Look it up in the scriptures and you will find why Moses has recommended the enjoyment of only cleans foods! He did this because of your too great meat voraciousness and because of your unbound sensuousness and lecherousness. But I say now, that for him who is pure in the heart, also everything else is pure, however, to the impure everything else is impure.

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