The Great Gospel of John

[6.220.5] Said I: "You can become My disciples indeed, but not that easily as you might think; for who wants to become My disciple, must break from the world completely and may not look at its temptations; since all the world is a continual judgement and perpetual death! Who loves the world, is not suitable to become a true disciple of Mine; since the love for the world has no life as foundation, but only judgement and death. However I do not need dead disciples but totally free and living disciples. If you can become such, you can also stay with Me!

[6.220.6] Since I did not come into this world, to judge all the blind and shortsighted people, but I have come to search for what is lost, to heal the sick, to uplift what is bend down and to redeem all the prisoners. Who is helped by Me, shall be helped forever; but who does not accept My help, nobody else will be able to help him, not in heaven nor on earth.

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