The Great Gospel of John

[10.40.12] When he was near Me, he bowed deeply before Me and asked what made Me decide to make a morning trip without any disciples to this eastern side of the city Pella.

[10.40.13] I said: "Be patient a little more, then you shortly will come to know. Let now first the sun come up above the horizon, then I will reveal why I have chosen this spot for this morning."

[10.40.14] Then we took place on a flat basalt rock from where we very peacefully could view the events of the morning.

[10.40.15] Clouds with golden edges floated over the horizon, and seen from our spot, very few mountains with a height of any importance could be seen because the land became partly already much flatter from our city towards the far Euphrates desert. However, the sunrise was more beautiful there because it rose in blood-red colors as if from the deep, and colored the high mountain tops in the west, which also the captain highly praised as a beautiful scene of nature.

[10.40.16] He only asked Me how I, who at every moment can have endlessly much greater beauties of Heaven at My disposal, could be pleased at this earthly natural beauty.

[10.40.17] I said to him: "Friend, if the Master Himself cannot be pleased in His works, then who can be? Or do you think that the Master would have created all these works if He would not have clearly seen them in His Spirit already a long time beforehand while He was extremely pleased with it? But if you see that I am pleased with this morning scene, then its reason will now surely be clear to you."

[10.40.18] The captain said: "Look, o Lord and Master, if I now think about Your answer, which is clearer than the most clear drop of water, then I am surprised about my own stupidity that something like that did not come into my mind, which is apart from that not weak, for I not only firmly believe but am also fully convinced who the One is in You who immensely mercifully is standing before me."

[10.40.19] I said: "Do not worry about that. For the world is arranged by Me in such a way that everything must very gradually unfold and develop itself. Look at the existence of the day, look at the development of the plants, the animals and finally still more so of men. Then you easily will understand for which reason not everything at your first arrival in My Kingdom cannot be as clear yet as it later will be for you when My Spirit will expand itself more and more in you and when in one moment you will grasp and better understand things than had been possible to you up to now after years of thinking. So you can be completely at ease about this now because you are already on the best road. So let us continue to watch the scenes of the beautiful morning."

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