The Great Gospel of John

The Lord with the captain view the dawning morning on a hill (23/22)

[10.40.1] After the meal, the captain, his wife and his daughter Veronica thanked Me for everything that they were able to achieve through Me.

[10.40.2] I said: "On the one hand it is your faith that helped you, and on the other hand I through your faith and through your quickly ignited love for Me, and with that also for the One who lives in Me and whom you will still come to know more clearly when My Spirit of eternal truth and wisdom will soon be poured out over you. But now you also should go home and rest until tomorrow. But then come back here and we still will discuss about many things with each other."

[10.40.3] Then the captain and all who were with him stood up, gave Me all honor and went to their homes. There they still discussed with each other for a few nightly hours about all the things that had happened during the day.

[10.40.4] The old rabbi and the Greek innkeeper stayed with us until midnight, and in a corner of the room they discussed with each other about the unbelief of some Jews who should be the ones to stand closer to the truth.

[10.40.5] Finally the rabbi said: "That also confirms the statement of the prophet: 'For worldly wise men and the intelligent it will remain hidden, and to those under age it will be revealed.' Of old, the children of the light sat always by the full dishes with the bread of light from the Heavens, and they did not have to suffer hunger. But because they never had to suffer hunger or thirst, they forgot the high quality food from the Heavens and returned to the disgusting food of the world, as I unfortunately had done also.

[10.40.6] But the gentiles who hungered for light noticed how the chosen children of the light turned more and more their back to the Heavenly food, and they came to take possession of the full dishes. They read our books with great zeal, and in that manner they satiated themselves already beforehand with our bread from the Heavens. And that is why they are now much stronger than we, and have recognized the Lord much easier and with greater certainty than we. But He also will be recognized by us Jews."

[10.40.7] The Jewish and also the Greek innkeeper agreed with the rabbi and went then to rest.

[10.40.8] I rested also that night with the disciples at the dining table until the morning.

[10.40.9] In the morning I stood up from the table and let the disciples rest. I quickly went outside, to the other end outside of this city. Nobody in the house knew where I had gone.

[10.40.10] Only a servant of the captain saw Me walking through the city and told it quickly to the captain who was already awake. He dressed himself quickly and hurried after Me in the direction that the servant indicated to him.

[10.40.11] When he arrived at the mentioned end of the city, he saw Me on a hill. At once he climbed upon the hill to Me.

[10.40.12] When he was near Me, he bowed deeply before Me and asked what made Me decide to make a morning trip without any disciples to this eastern side of the city Pella.

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