The Great Gospel of John

[10.39.5] When I came into the room with the captain, his subordinates, his wife and his healed daughter, as well as the healed son of the innkeeper, there was a silence among the Jews and they looked at Me to see whether they could notice anything about Me that was exceptional.

[10.39.6] But I said to them: "Peace be with you. What you search about Me and try to find out, will at no time come with outer splendor, but is inside man.

[10.39.7] Yes, the Jews should have widened the gates of their hearts and heightened the doors of their souls at My arrival, but for already a long time they did not pay any attention at the call of David. That is also why they came into the Babylonian captivity and became slaves of the gentiles, out of which slavery they never will be freed if they will persist in their old stubbornness.

[10.39.8] But there are the gentiles. They have immediately greatly widened the gates of their heart at My appearance, and heightened the doors of their soul unto far above all stars. Therefore, the light of the Jews will be taken away and be given to the gentiles."

[10.39.9] When I had said that to the Jews, some of them were offended about that, but the gentiles praised Me greatly for this.

[10.39.10] On this, the captain said very loudly to the Jews: "What are you sitting and examining there?! Can you still not believe after all the Lord has done for us! Withdraw into your dark rooms and stay in your old night of every doubt and do not hinder us in this room that is too small anyway!"

[10.39.11] On these words of the captain that sounded very commanding, the more unbelieving Jews withdrew and went outside. But the Jews who were more believing stayed and still wanted to discuss with the disciples about a few things.

[10.39.12] But I said to them: "You have heard the full truth from the mouth of My disciples, and there is no other more extended truth. Believe it and act accordingly, then your hearts and souls will be enlightened, still wider and higher.

[10.39.13] Go and investigate outside and see how many gentiles I have made healthy this afternoon and how many I have freed from all their suffering, so that you can be enlightened by the gentiles, and not the gentiles by you. It is true that the light went out from the Jews but the gentiles saw and recognized it earlier than the Jews. Therefore, they also will keep the light, and the Jews will have to receive it from them if they want to have it. So you also go outside now and let yourselves be enlightened by the gentiles."

[10.39.14] When the more believing Jews heard that from My mouth, they went immediately outside to the rejoicing gentiles, and they heard how these highly glorified and praised the God in Me of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and they were not little surprised when they heard this from the mouth of the gentiles and from those who were sick and were healed. Then most of the Jews believed also, went home and discussed with each other about all the things they had heard from the disciples before and what I had said to them. The glorifying words of the gentiles made their hearts wider and the thoughts of their souls higher, and they came to understand what David had meant with his psalm.

[10.39.15] But we partook of the well-prepared evening meal and discussed with each other about all the things that happened that afternoon.

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