The Great Gospel of John

The disciples and the Lord teach the inhabitants of Pella (23/21)

[10.39.1] After the meal that lasted more than 1 hour, I walked with the captain around the city and healed all those who were sick. And more and more people followed Me. But My disciples stayed in the inn and taught the Jews.

[10.39.2] Close to the evening I came back with the captain to the inn where the disciples were still in full discussion with the Jews. These finally accepted Me as the promised Messiah, but could nevertheless not understand why I came into this world in such discreet appearance whereas the great king David spoke as follows about Me: 'Make the gates wide and the doors high, so that the King of Honor can come in. Who is the King of Honor? It is the Lord Jehovah Zebaoth.'

[10.39.3] They, the Jews of Pella, did however not know that at My arrival in this world, in some cities a gate was widened and a door heightened.

[10.39.4] My teaching and the signs I did corresponded indeed with what especially the prophet Isaiah and the prophet Ezekiel prophesied about the promised Messiah, but, according to them, My appearance among the people in this world did not correspond with what the prophets had prophesied about the Messiah. And so the disciples had a hard time with the Jews.

[10.39.5] When I came into the room with the captain, his subordinates, his wife and his healed daughter, as well as the healed son of the innkeeper, there was a silence among the Jews and they looked at Me to see whether they could notice anything about Me that was exceptional.

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