The Great Gospel of John

I said: "Now your words were good, but if you will cry out once more 'Hail the high gods of Rome' death will not be far away from you. To be truthfully a friend for all men, whether they are Jews or gentiles, is good and right, and is also My will, for I also let My sun shine and radiate over the Jews and gentiles in the same measure. But to still strengthen men in their error, who languish for the truth in their old blindness, instead of guiding them to the way of the original light out of true, pure and selfless neighborly love, is worse than being a thief and a street robber. Remember that, old, ambiguous teacher who often taught the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to the Jews with fervent zeal, but immediately after that, you went to the school of the gentiles and then spoke lowly and scornfully about the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and made Him ridiculous. Be either a complete Jew or become a gentile if you find greater satisfaction in the heathendom for your chameleon-like soul." – The Great Gospel of John, Book 10, Chapter 38, Paragraph 5

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