The Great Gospel of John

[6.224.8] Even if then a prophet rose among the people again and stated that God speaks through him, they only became annoyed about him and said to him: 'Prove yourself as immortal just like Elias!' or 'Call the long gone fathers and prophets, that we can see them and that they can give us a living testimony - firstly that there really exists a life after death, and secondly, that you are a true prophet! If you cannot give us that proof, we believe you just as little as we have never ever believed the old prophets in the past and also will not ever believe them in future; since they have died, just as you will die, and nobody ever has heard anything from them. We have preserved their scriptures indeed, but the insatiable earth has devoured them all. To what use are all their scriptures full of teachings about the everlasting life, if they as teachers after their death cannot give us the most assuring proof, that they are their teaching's truth?!'

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