The Great Gospel of John

The cosmic man of creation in the universe

[6.245.1] Said the scribe: "Yes, Lord and Master, now everything is clear to me; however, all of us together will not be able to do anything against the power of the world rulers! And they will not change their punishment codes and will serve death sentences as before, and Your teaching in this regard will not change the sense of the world's powerful!"

[6.245.2] Said I: "What you know, I know as well, regarding the world's high in all the world. To them I have not spoken, but only to you! You will also come to the world's high and inform them about My will. Those who will accept it, will do well, - however, those who will not accept it, but hold their courts as before, will also receive their reward from there, from where they have taken their court; since who will not have it from Me and also in future do not want it, can have it from nowhere else than from hell, and thus will also harvest its reward for it from there!"

[6.245.3] Said the learned pharisee: "Yes, Lord, when they hear and understand the parable from the lost son, they will not care about hell too much!"

[6.245.4] Said I: "You should worry about something else! The time within which the pronounced hope is given to the lost son (this is the great world person in infinite creation space), is not that short as you imagine. I will show you the duration of the judged world, and thus listen!

[6.245.5] The earth is surely not such a small world body, and the sun is about a thousand times thousand times larger then the whole earth; but already the next central sun is more than ten times hundred-thousand times bigger than this sun, which illuminates this earth and soon will rise, and has more body content then all the thousand times thousand times thousand planetary suns including all their earths and moons and comets, which all, in for you unthinkable wide stretched circles, move with their attachments with great speed around such a central sun, and still, especially the most distant, often require thousand times thousand earth years, to only complete only one wide orbit and arrive back again at the old spot.

[6.245.6] Now however, there exists a second kind of central sun, around which in even endless bigger orbits whole sun regions with their central suns move, of which the most distant regions require already one aeon earth years, to only once circle this second type of central sun. One such second central sun, around which whole sun regions with their central suns orbit, together with their thousand times thousand sun regions, we want to call a solar universe.

[6.245.7] Now imagine for you again an equal number of such solar universes! They again have for no human mind measurable depth and distance, a common central sun, which in itself as a world body is ten times thousand times bigger than all the solar universes which in unmeasurable wide circles orbit it.

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