The Great Gospel of John

God's nature and eternal joy of creating. The transformation of all matter into spirit. The afterlife of man

[6.226.1] Said the pharisee: "Lord and Master, one cannot say anything against it anymore; since the truth of everything said is just too clear! However, if finally all the souls of this earth turn into many gods, where will they find the space to move, rule and govern with their freedom, independence and power? For also a spirit must occupy some space and time, even if standing above space and time concerning his divine properties."

[6.226.2] Said I: "O you pettiest and totally shrunk soul! Have you never seen a starry sky? Don't you know what all these visible stars in their multitude numbers are?! See, if from every atom of this earth arise twelve-thousand souls - what would result in such a large number that presently even the best mathematician could never imagine it -, there nearly would not be enough souls to add only one soul for every sun-world in the large creation-space, not mentioning the still many countless earth-worlds, of which not seldom many thousands orbit one single sun-world.

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