The Great Gospel of John

[6.225.18] And then it happens quite often that such people have visions, speak with souls in the beyond and allow to be personally taught by them and give also to other, still naturally living people, a true account of it. Who believes them, does well, - he only should not demand to immediately experience the same; for this cannot take place earlier, until he has attained the same prescribed spiritual soul ripeness.

[6.225.19] Every person should however firstly act faithfully according to the received good teachings and then pay attention to his soul, but also to the often in his flesh sleeping evil desires, who express themselves only too well in all kinds of sluggishness, work-shyness, lust, self-love, stubbornness, haughtiness, jealousy, stinginess and power-addiction. The last he should oppose through the power of love to God and through the love for the neighbour, through patience, meekness and gentleness, he will not have to wait too long, when the good spirits will reveal themselves more feelable and more visibly.

[6.225.20] By the way, there does not exist any person, with whom it was not at least once allowed, to receive certain signs and even visions from the beyond. If man however sets everything as naught, and regard it as nothing else than a deception of the senses, he cannot be helped. I think that I have enlightened your query and remark fully according to the everlasting truth, and everyone must recognize from that, how things stand with the people on this earth. - Do you perhaps still have something to say about it?"

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