The Great Gospel of John

[6.218.7] I then suddenly saw a man dressed in white clothes walking up and down along the shore, with his eyes fixed on the ship and not leaving it out of sight. I called several of my colleagues closer to me and drew their attention to the figure on shore. They thought that this could perhaps be a shore magician, and one had to give him a sacrifice, so that he would release the ship. We therefore left the ship and went ashore to the figure, who waited with a steady look for us. When we arrived at the supposed to be magician, with a firm courage I asked the figure: 'You are holding my ship with your magic powers. For what reason? Do you require a sacrifice as redemption for the ship from us? Speak, since my trip to Egypt is urgent!'

[6.218.8] The figure looked at me steadfastly and seriously and said loudly and very clearly: 'I am not a magician and I do not require any sacrifice from you. However, since you placed yourself under the protection of Jehovah of the Jews, I have been send here to protect you from perishing. Since when you depart today, you, together with your ship, will be a prey of the sea during the third hour of the night! Twenty hours walking from here a great storm will rage. Woe him, who is caught by its fury! Tomorrow you can sail and you will complete your journey unharmed.'

[6.218.9] Thereupon I asked the spirit: 'Who are you and what is your name?'

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