The Household of God


Thus spoke the Lord to me and within me for everyone, and that is true, faithful and certain:

[1.3.1] I am a good host, not a crumb of bread is lost. Whoever invests his capital with Me will receive high interest, and it will remain recorded in My heart, and the interest will be growing forever and ever. Look upward, you fool, and gaze at the starry sky! Who has ever counted the infinite number of suns and all the earths of which I have created thousands for every sun? And I, Who am truthful and reliable in every one of My words, am telling you: For a penny I shall give away an earth and for a drink of fresh water a sun. Truly I tell you: The smallest service of neighborly love shall be rewarded richly and abundantly.

[1.3.2] You ask Me whether there are everywhere humans like here on the earth where you dwell. And I tell you: Yes, there are everywhere humans who are going forth from My bowels and who perceive Me according to the respective organ. Those who go forth from My bands and perceive Me according to My bands; those who go forth from My feet and perceive Me accordingly; those who go forth from My head and perceive Me according to My head; those who go forth from My hair and perceive Me according to My hair; those who go forth from My loins and perceive Me according to My loins; and altogether those who go forth from all the different parts of My bodily essence and perceive Me accordingly. Their life and happiness correspond to that particular part from which they have come forth. They are all My creatures whom I love, for I am love throughout and am the very love everywhere.

[1.3.3] However, the people of this earth I called forth from the center of My heart and created them fully in My image. They were meant to be not just My creatures, but My beloved children who were not meant to perceive Me as God and Creator, but as their good Father who will, after a short trial period, take them back into His house to share everything with Him, dwell with Him everlastingly and rule and judge the universe with Him. And behold, all my creatures love Me as their Creator and gratefully enjoy their existence; but My children do not want their Father and reject His love.

[1.3.4] Behold, it saddens Me when I see how every hour thousands upon thousands wither and pass away. Oh, if I could only help them! Is it not sad when the Almighty cannot help?

[1.3.5] You ask Me again how this could be possible. Oh yes, I tell you, it is quite possible. Behold, all My creatures are held by My might but My children by My love. - My might commands, and it is obeyed, whereas My love only desires and gently bids the free children, but the free children refuse to listen and do not want to face their Father. Because they are free, as I am, I cannot help them if it is against their will. My might surpasses everything, but My will is subject to My children. But let everyone note this: I am your Father and am also your God and beside Me there is none other. Do you want Me as a Father or as a God? Your actions shall give Me the final answer.

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