The Healing Power of Sunlight


[4.1] Abstinence from all sour and spiced foods and drinks, especially from beer and coffee.

[4.2] Coffee is by far the worst man has chosen from the vegetable kingdom for his enjoyment. This fruit was created for horses, donkeys, camels and similar animals on earth. It animates them and strengthens their nerves. With humans, however, this bean has the opposite effect. It spoils the blood, excites the genitals and, if gratification cannot soon follow, the result is a total stupefaction of the sensitive parts of the body. Since it causes the soul a great deal of effort to remove, from the body, soul potencies destined for coarse animals, he becomes weary, indolent, careless, often mournful, gloomy and sad. I tell you: a cup full of sweetened liquid manure would be far more wholesome for the human body than the roasted brown soup of the coarse animal food.

[4.3] I have drawn your attention to the harmfulness of coffee only because I know only too well how much of humanity, especially the female kind, depends on this donkey fodder, when nothing could be more harmful to their nature than this drink. And hardly anything else would make the body, especially for the female one, more unreceptive for a good medicine than this coffee. Therefore, it must be carefully avoided in any state of sickness and during any cure, especially during this sun-homeopathic treatment, otherwise the medicine would not work at all.

[4.4] If a strong coffee drinker had taken poison and would, following the poison, have a considerable quantity of coffee, even the effect of the poison would be destroyed by it.

[4.5] If coffee can even destroy poison, it is obvious that it will all the more easily destroy the mild and gentle soul-specifics effect of the homeopathic sun ray medicine now described to you. Therefore, one has to beware of such foods which hinder the influence of noble and pure medicines even worse than the well-known opium.

[4.6] Fresh cereals cooked either in a broth made from pure and healthy meat or in good fresh, not too fat milk, eaten in moderation are to be preferred to all other foods. But also other foods, with the exception of beans and lentils, may be eaten;

[4.7] for instance, corn cooked in water or milk, but liquid as soup or gruel also well-cooked rice as a soft gruel, and millet gruel prepared in the above-mentioned broth or milk.

[4.8] Well cooked and healthy meat is also not detrimental, but it should be eaten in moderation with cooked fruit like apples, pears or prunes. Meat always contains soul specifics of a worse and lower kind. But if it is eaten with fruit, these specifics are softened and such food will do the patient good.

[4.9] The so-called: “green foods” should be avoided, at least during the time of the treatment; for the nourishing soul specifics of the edible herbs and roots (also of potatoes) are much more impure than the ones in the flesh of animals and should be used sparingly.

[4.10] This second method shown to you (i.e. the use of coarse sunned sugar) is, if used properly, full of faith and trust in My active help, quite as effective as the first one and easier to carry out. It only needs a little more time, but this should not be too important.

[4.11] Whoever is able to prepare the remedy according to the first method is actually better off, but if that is difficult for him, I can bless the second method just as I do the first, provided he has the right faith and trust.

[4.12] Without My help and blessing no medicine will work anyway, except to the body’s detriment and often eventually also to that of the soul.

[4.13] Soon about a third method.

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