The Healing Power of Sunlight


[3.1] If the first method presents difficulties, which can easily be the case, to enable you from acquiring all the necessary things, you may absorb the rays of the sun also in another way, similar to the first one, in order to help a sufferer.

[3.2] Instead of the violet glass cup, you may also use a ceramic cup or bowl with either a completely black or – even better – a dark blue glaze and instead of the mild sugar globules you may use another pure sugar, crumbled to pea-size pieces and also placed in such a way that not one piece is covered by another. This sugar is exposed to the sun during the same time of the day as with the previous method for at least 2 months and carefully kept overnight and afterward, as earlier described, in a dark container well protected from the influence of the air.

[3.3] The use is the same as with the first kind, the only difference is that the dose must be a little stronger because in the sugar crumbs in the ceramic vessel the sunrays do not concentrate as much as in the other type.

[3.4] In illnesses which need quick help and relief, the remedy can, in both methods, be given to the patient immediately. But where it is possible, the earlier described preliminary diet with the drinking of sunned water should be observed as this saves the soul considerable effort and the subsequent healing is surer and faster.

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