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"I am thirsty!" "It is finished!" (John.19,28 .30 written on 28.12.1843)

[5.1] But so that you do not want to say in the end, as if not every text is a complete central sun, but only such as I put it here Myself, choose for yourself a text, as you want, and we will see, then, if it does not truly enlighten one and the same main reason as the same central sun before the eyes of the spirit. And so, do such!

[5.2] You have taken the two short texts: "I thirst" and: "It is finished!"

[5.3] But before we pass to the clear illumination, I must already give you the assurance that I have completely released the choice to you; because otherwise you could say in the end, I just gave you what I deem necessary. And now we go over to the main thing!

[5.4] "I thirst!" - After the love that the world does not have - that's why she even gave me only vinegar and bile to quench my thirst instead of the invigorating water, and have done it ever since.

[5.5] "I thirst!" For what? After the life, which I myself am originally from eternity, and which I have wasted in such abundant fullness from the primordial beginning, on innumerable amounts of beings!

[5.6] It is this life after which I thirst! Endless many times have this life passed into death. I came to snatch it from death. That is why I was very thirsty for the great salvation of this wasted life; but death had taken over so much, that the ever-living blood of love could not let him rise!

[5.7] However, when I demanded to drink life, I was not given life, but death to drink! Vinegar and gall was the potion; Vinegar as the symbol of contraction and hardening, and bile as the symbol of hatred, anger and wrath.

[5.8] This picture is clearly presented, and we want to see how it works for our cause!

[5.9] Behold, therefore, I call to all the world, as to you, continually: "I thirst!" Or what is one and the same: "Love Me, give Me to drink your love! Love God over everything and your neighbor as yourself! That is the water of life – then, thirst for Me in you!"

[5.10] Question: Do you give Me this water? Or do you not just give Me vinegar and bile as well?!

[5.11] The little I ask of you is nothing but love and the deed after it. But if, instead of the true, living love-act, you only read and do nothing, except what appeals to your world-sense one way or another, - Question: Is not that vinegar with bile, that you offer Me instead of the living water?! Yes, I say to you, the more you keep reading and do nothing but what pleases you according to your worldly sense, the more acidic the vinegar and the more bitter the bile!

[5.12] It is then said, "It is finished!" But what? - My own fight for you; for I can do no more than as your Creator, God and Lord, and eternal life, to take your own death upon Me!

[5.13] But that I cannot be killed in My eternal Spirit, that needs no further explanation. Only the fight for your life, I can drive to the endless highest level. But since you are finite yourselves, so too must this struggle have some ultimate goal. When this goal is attained, then the fight is accomplished, as far as I am concerned, but nonetheless also with you, who, out of sheer gratitude, instead of the living water of love, only offer vinegar with gall to Me!

[5.14] It is certainly accomplished; but not for you, but unfortunately only for Myself! Or: I have done everything for you that only ever stands in the Divine possibility; that is why I have done My work for you. But do you also act as if this work was accomplished within you?

[5.15] Oh yes, - you read diligently, you also write diligently, you also like to talk to Me about Me; but when I say, "In the place of your truly worldly thoughts, and in place of your many worldly pleasures, dedicate to Me only one full hour of the day; sanctify it, that in that day you shall pray to nothing in your hearts but to Me! "- oh, there you will find a hundred proprieties for one, and a hundred worldly thoughts will revolve around a single weak spirit like a whirlwind!

[5.16] All sorts of secular considerations will be brought to light here; and if any one wishes to decide on such an hour, he will certainly not be too pleased with the same, but rather will have a little uneasy aversion to it, and will diligently count the minutes on the dial of his watch, and not infrequently, impatiently wait for the finishing of the Divine holy hour!

[5.17] And if there were only some insignificant world business in between, the hour will either be cashed, or at least put into such a period of the day when benevolent sleep usually falls on mortals, and in which, especially in the female sex, no pleasant visits is to be expected anymore and no more nerve-strengthening wanderings are to be undertook.

[5.18] See, all this is vinegar and bile! And it is not accomplished in you by doing everything possible, according to My infinite love, to bring you to the right way of life; for it is necessary for the fulfillment in you, that everyone deny himself out of true love for Me, take up his cross, and faithfully follow Me.

[5.19] But who does that? The female sex may, if it goes well, stitch and tack the whole day for the body, and can groom themselves, and not infrequently be overjoyed about any visit; but if I would like to say: "Stay at home in your closet, and remember Me in your heart!", they will be sad, let hang down their pretty faces and say: "But in the world we have nothing good!"

[5.20] Question: Is not that vinegar and bile, which you have heard?! Or do not such female people in their hearts hold the meaningless worldview higher than Me?! Did such people consider in themselves how I finished the great fight for them on the cross?!

[5.21] Give them pleasant little books with all kinds of historical accounts that have reference to Me for My sake; they will love to read them, especially if they tell about a romantic marriage now and then or if they have wonderful fairy tales. Just give them a somewhat serious booklet; They will read it with such an appetite, as with which a dog, well-accustomed to good food, eats a dry breadcrumb delivered to it, which he sniffs at most, but then soon leaves it with lowered tail and ears.

[5.22] But since doing is still something more serious than the sole reading of even the most serious book, the matter of itself explains the difficulty with which ‘doing’ will have to struggle.

[5.23] There are many who like to hear good music from artists; but how few among them want to deny themselves, in order to become artists themselves through a strenuous study!

[5.24] It is easy to hear and not difficult to read and just as easy to watch; but self-deception is of no great charm to anyone. But what good is someone's knowledge and non-doing?!

[5.25] See, all this is vinegar with bile and does not accomplish the fulfillment! In Me indeed, for I give everything imaginable to anyone, but not in the person who does not want to use it how and why I give it to him!

[5.26] Therefore, do not be vain hearers, but doers of the Word; because only as a doer, do you quench My thirst with the living water of love, but otherwise, you will always give Me vinegar and bile!

[5.27] I think that will be clear too; but in the near future, more central suns!

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