Explanation of Scriptures

[4.11] Surely, I am not an actor, that I want to be satisfied with the empty applause, but my cause is full of eternal earnest, and I therefore demand serious activity, not only empty applause!

[4.12] What face would a rich bridegroom make if different brides wish to show all him all acclamation and would like to praise and glorify him; but if he would like to have one or the other, then she would run away, and in her heart revile him for such audacity?

[4.13] Tell me, will the bridegroom take one of those foolish brides for a wife?! - Indeed, he will go out and look for a whore and will say to her: "I know you, that you are a whore; but I say to you: let go of your doings, and I will take you to wife!"

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