Explanation of Scriptures

[4.1] Will it be difficult to bring another central sun here? Oh no, not in the least! For we may only put here every next best text from the book of the New Testament, and a new central sun would be before you with the same original light, and with the same power and effect! For example: "I am the way, the truth and the life; nobody comes to the Father - except through Me."

[4.2] See, we have a central sun right there! Anyone who can see its light in themselves, will surely see in such illumination, that by reading it in an absolute sense, nothing is geared to the profit of eternal life.

[4.3] Surely the Father is the eternal love in Me, as I am completely in Him in my Divine essence from eternity; for I and the Father are one, or: I and My eternal Love are one, or as love lives in its wisdom, living forever, so also does wisdom dwell in love, from which it proceeds, eternally.

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