Explanation of Scriptures

Parable of the clever and unwise builder master

(Matth.07.07,24-27, transcript on 22.12.1843)

[3.1] In the New Testament, you read a parable of a wise and an unwise builder master: one built his house on a rock and the other on loose sand. A storm-wind came, and the rain poured down. The house on the rock defied both; but the house on the sand was destroyed.

[3.2] If you look at this parable from afar, you must at once see two central suns at a glance!

[3.3] What does the smart builder master look like? - Surely one who has made his foundation completely on the known two commandments! And when the storms and the heavy rains come, they not only cannot harm the builder master, but even fix his house stronger to the rock; because the winds dry up the walls of the house and make it thirsty for moist. When the rain comes, it gets absorbed into the dry walls of the house, dissolves it here and there and joins the particles, which become sticky and binds through repetition of such scene, the masonry ever firmer and stronger together.

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