Explanation of Scriptures

[2.16] See, that is exactly the case here! By reading My Word, as by listening to it, every man can gain an immense profit for himself and his brethren, having previously converted himself to a gold tincture by observing the two laws; but if it is still a puddle, there are still so many pieces of gold thrown into it (the puddle) that will certainly not turn into a golden tincture.

[2.17] Thus it is also said: "He who has, he will be given that he has in abundance; but he who does not have, will also lose what he has! "(Matthew 13:12) "having" here means: to be in the possession of a good, fertilized and plowed field, or to be in oneself a perfect vessel, full of the true golden tincture, which is a free-living spirit. By 'not having', however, is meant to sprinkle a seed on an unprocessed field, whereby the sower not only has no harvest to expect, but also loses the seed he has sowed; or it is also said to be in itself a puddle of coarse sulfuric salt, which not only cannot ever be transformed into a gold tincture by the gold thrown into it, but the gold which has been thrown into it, is also lost on top of that.

[2.18] I think that should be pretty clear - or who does not yet see the truth in the light of this torch will probably never be released from his blindness! But since, as already stated, the blind man never has too much light, even with the gift of this sun. Finally, I want to draw the light of all the central suns to a point, so that, in the clearest light, can be clearly seen who is really completely blind! Next time, therefore, more of such reminiscences!

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