The Earth

The heart of the Earth

December 29, 1846

[2.1] What does the center of gravity of the earth look like?

[2.2] As I mentioned before, it has a structure similar to that of the human heart or also to yet another one, the animal heart. This center of gravity is thus likewise a big heart of the earth standing in proportion to the big body of the earth. This earth heart is, just like the human heart for the human being, the loom or workshop for the entire organic life on earth.

[2.3] How big, you ask, might this heart possibly be? You know already that, through Me, all things have the necessary proportion; this is certainly also the case with the heart of the earth. As the earth is so big, it must also have a relatively big heart or center of gravity, so that, in its countless chambers, enough energy can be produced to be sufficiently powerful to cause all the many different life fluids of the earth to flow out into the far-reaching organs and then, when they have performed their tasks, to draw them back in to be replenished.

[2.4] This leads to the conclusion that the heart of the earth must be fairly big; but its size cannot be precisely determined with an exact measured value, because this heart of the earth considerably expands at times and then considerably contracts again as needed. But on the average, the diameter of this center of gravity can be assumed to be 100 [old Austrian] miles wide [approximately 750 km]. But it can expand to 200 miles [1,500 kilometers] and, in contrast, contract to 50 miles [375 kilometers].

[2.5] But of what does this so-called heart of the earth consist?

[2.6] This heart of the earth does not consist of some kind of matter as in the case of the heart of an animal or a human being. But this heart is more like a substantial power which moves effectively in an appropriate, otherwise solid organism. Through this movement, the power exerts its effect on the whole organism of the earth's body.

[2.7] Indeed, somebody will make the point and say: If this organism is solid and thus brittle, how can it expand, and how can it serve another substantial power as an indestructible base throughout time without its countless parts being damaged thereby?

[2.8] My dear ones, this has been taken care of. The bones of animals are also a solid organism; the fluids and blood are always pushed through their many pores, yet the bones last the longest through all possible reactions to this power. It requires a certain kind of solid matter, and this is then strong enough to withstand the pressure of any internally generated power.

[2.9] This is, for example, the case with the material in the intestines of animals. As frequently and vigorously as this material is utilized, although seemingly weak, it endures resiliently for quite some time in spite of all the wear and tear. If, still further, you examine the much more delicate organs of birds in which even stones are ground up and consumed, it must become even clearer to you that it is nothing but a question of a certain quality of the material that makes it solid enough to let the powers developed within it act in itself without causing any harm.

[2.10] But if I have endowed even this more delicate matter with such qualities that it serves as an adequate base for the powers working in it, then it should be all the more possible for Me to create a solid organism such as the earth from matter so durable that, for millions of years, the tremendously active forces of the earth’s interior are unable to do little or any harm to it.

[2.11] If you were to build, say, how strong would the vault have to be in order to carry a Großglockner? You would not be able to accomplish anything like this; only I, the Master of all things, have thus always found the proper ratio, so that all the points of support are sufficiently solid and durable to carry the weight that rests on them with the greatest of ease; and the same applies to the organism presiding over the substantial heart of the earth.

[2.12] You might have already frequently found a certain metal called platinum in the northern regions of the earth. Behold, this metal is similar to the matter that serves as the organism for the prevailing central force of the earth; however, don’t come to the conclusion that this metal is completely identical with the matter of which the above-mentioned organism consists. In general, you should not imagine the interior of the earth as having the same material consistency as the matter which forms the surface of the earth; for the outer surface is only an external, impalpable skin of the earth; in other words, the interior is to the external, impalpable bark just as flesh and blood are to the outer skin, and I therefore can’t tell you anything that is comprehensible to you about the inner matter of the earth other than:

[2.13] It is a kind of flesh, blood, and bones. The animalistic components of the earth body, however, are not to be considered as entirely like, or of the same consistency as, the body of an animal, but they are thus, in a very specific way, just the earth flesh, earth blood and earth bone.

[2.14] To explain the topic further to you from a material point of view would be a useless undertaking, and this is because, in the physical state, it is impossible for you to ever reach a point from which you would be able to comprehend it conclusively after being taught about it. Therefore content yourself with what has been said so far with regard to the quality of the matter in the interior of the terrestrial being. In the spiritual description, all of this will be clearer to you anyway.

[2.15] Thus, we only have one more question, namely where in the earth body this center of gravity is actually located.

[2.16] The significantly important answer to this question will be the topic of our next consideration.

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