The Earth

[0.9] And so a multitude still came and asked like the first; but when they were to be let more closely into the secrets of this work of art, they all became angry and said: "Until we have seen this with our own eyes, we cannot believe it!"

[0.10] And see, they were led into the tower. But when they saw the almost innumerable gears, the many levers, cylinders, hooks, rods, and a thousand other mechanical devices and connections, they literally lost their senses and said and cried: "Who can see through and understand this work? No man could have made it! It would take a hundred human years to count - let alone make - the components of this work!" And all these strangers went away completely senseless.

[0.11] Only a few allowed themselves to be taught about the correctness of this work, although for the better few, the too simple and unscientifically educated work master, remained a bone of contention - more or less.

[0.12] What does this image teach? What is it's inner, secret meaning? - Think about it a little and practice yourselves in the search of the inner truths and discover in it as much as is possible, until the perfect solution will be given for your time! Amen.

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