Correspondence with Jesus

Abgarus' second letter to the Lord

[2.1] Abgarus, a miserable toparch in Edessa, to Jesus, the good Saviour, Who appeared in the land around Jerusalem, all hail and all God's honour!

[2.2] Oh Jesus, You good Saviour! See, my oldest son, the heir to the throne, who along with me was happy beyond measure on Your arrival in my city, became deadly ill. An evil fever has seized him, and is threatening to kill him any moment! However, I know because the messenger has declared it to me, that from a distance You cure all kind of sick people without medicine just through words and will! Oh Jesus, You good Saviour, You actual Son of the most high God, that You are for certain, let my son who loves You so very much, that he would even go for You into death, become also healthy again through Your powerful word and will!

[2.3] Oh Jesus, You good Saviour! Tell me, I who am also sick, do not announce Your previous mentioned ascension at this time; but help, help, help, my son at once!

[2.4] Written in my city Edessa and send through the former most trusted messenger.

On that the following answer from the Lord Jesus reads therefore:

[2.5] Abgarus, great is your belief, and as a result it could become even better with your son. Because I have found love in you, more than in Israel, I therefore want to do more for you, as so only you alone would have believed.

[2.6] See I, the Lord of Eternity, now a teacher to mankind, and an eternal Deliverer from eternal death, will give your son eternal life before My ascent, because he has unseen and unknown loved Me out of his whole heart before My imminent sorrows for all people. And so, My dear Abgarus, you will certainly lose your son according to the flesh in the world, but as to the Spirit will win him a thousand fold in My eternal Kingdom!

[2.7] However, do not believe that your son, so he will die, will seriously die! No, No; but when he dies, he then will at last awake from the death-sleep of this world to the true eternal life in My Kingdom, which is Spiritual and not physical!

[2.8] Therefore, do not grieve in your soul! For see and be quiet, I am alone the Lord, and there is no other beside Me! Therefore I freely do, what I do, and no one can say to Me: do that, or don't do that!

[2.9] However, what I do now and allow, that I am pursued like a weak person, I already planned before the earth was yet established, and before the sun, moon and stars illuminated the earth from the sky! For that reason I went out of My Father, who is in Me like I am in Him! However, the Father is the Highest, because He is My Love, My Will. Though, the Spirit that goes out of Me and the Father causing from eternity to eternity, is the Holiest. And I am All that, Who is revealing this to you!

[2.10] Therefore do not be sad, because now you know Who it is that has revealed such to you! However, be quiet about it until I will be raised up at the stake before the Jews, which will be proclaimed to you soon, for otherwise the world would fall before its time! -

[2.11] In the next few days though, a poor youth will come into your city. Receive him and do him good, and you will delight My heart, because I provided your son with such immense grace, and on account of his love, let him go there before Me, because I will go to the raising on the stake. - Amen.

[2.12] Written at Canaan in Galilee through the disciple John, and send through the king's messenger.

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