The Childhood of Jesus

This parable may be discerned with the eye of the heart, but never with the eye of worldly wisdom. The passages open to question are quite readily discerned - if the Deity of Jesus is not denied but is upheld by the faith of the heart, which is a light of love toward God ... For as soon as the heart of man becomes pure it easily understands that the complete union of the fullness of the Deity with the man Jesus was not consummated at one time, as if in an instant but, like all things under the guidance of God, only progressively, like the gradual (successive) awakening of the divine spirit in the human heart. And this consummation was fully achieved only through His death on the cross - although the Deity in all Its fullness already dwelt in the Child Jesus, but made Itself manifest in wondrous works only in time of need. – The Childhood of Jesus, Introduction, Paragraph 6

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