The Childhood of Jesus


[0.1] I LIVED IN THAT WELL-KNOWN TIME up to My thirtieth year just like any other properly raised boy, then young man and then man, and first had to awaken the Deity within Me - just as every man must awaken Me within himself - by conforming My earthly way of life to the Law of Moses.

[0.2] Just like any other responsible person, I first had to awaken My faith in the existence of God and comprehend Him ever more and more through all manner of self-denial as well as ever increasing love until by degrees I finally achieved complete control of the divine Power.

[0.3] Thus I, as the Lord Myself, was a living example for every man, wherefore every man can now draw Me to himself just as I Myself put on the divine Nature within Me, and of his own free will can become just as wholly one with Me by his love and by his faith as I Myself as part man and part God am wholly one with the divine Essence in all infinite fullness.

[0.4] 2. TO THE QUESTION as to how the Child-wonders of Jesus and His divinely-spiritual activity as a Child may be correlated to His as it were isolated human nature during adolescence and manhood and again to His at that time performed wonders - if one is to think of Him in these (isolated) years as only a human being - a look at a tree from spring to fall serves as an answer.

[0.5] In the springtime the tree blossoms wondrously and is alive with activity. After the blossoms have fallen the tree again seems to be inactive. But towards fall the tree reemerges in its greatest activity: the fruits, the surely wondrous, are flavored - and colored more beautifully than formerly the blossoms - and thus ripened, and the blessing bestowed on them is freed of its bonds and falls as such into the lap of the hungry little children.

[0.6] This parable may be discerned with the eye of the heart, but never with the eye of worldly wisdom. The passages open to question are quite readily discerned - if the Deity of Jesus is not denied but is upheld by the faith of the heart, which is a light of love toward God ... For as soon as the heart of man becomes pure it easily understands that the complete union of the fullness of the Deity with the man Jesus was not consummated at one time, as if in an instant but, like all things under the guidance of God, only progressively, like the gradual (successive) awakening of the divine spirit in the human heart. And this consummation was fully achieved only through His death on the cross - although the Deity in all Its fullness already dwelt in the Child Jesus, but made Itself manifest in wondrous works only in time of need.

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