Explanation of Scriptures

[4.10] That is the foundation of the passage you know in the New Testament. Under the saying, "Lord, Lord", it is shown that Christ is well known as the way, the truth, and the life; but what good is this knowledge, if no one wants to walk the way, and does not want to actively seize the truth in order to get through to life?!

[4.11] Surely, I am not an actor, that I want to be satisfied with the empty applause, but my cause is full of eternal earnest, and I therefore demand serious activity, not only empty applause!

[4.12] What face would a rich bridegroom make if different brides wish to show all him all acclamation and would like to praise and glorify him; but if he would like to have one or the other, then she would run away, and in her heart revile him for such audacity?

[4.13] Tell me, will the bridegroom take one of those foolish brides for a wife?! - Indeed, he will go out and look for a whore and will say to her: "I know you, that you are a whore; but I say to you: let go of your doings, and I will take you to wife!"

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