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The new revelations given to Jakob Lorber und Emanuel Swedenborg are among the most valuable works of mankind. Support the preservation and promotion:

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  3. For high-quality, royalty free translations of all texts by Jakob Lorber (currently English translations mainly).
  4. For printing out of print books by Jakob Lorber, Emanuel Swedenborg and others.

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Donations in 2021 (euro):

F.H. 100,00 J.B. 25,00 J.H. 25,00

Income from book sales in 2021: 591,72

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Hosting website 50,38
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Production costs Der Mond 288,24
Production costs Die Erde 688,24
Production costs Die Haushaltung Gottes (in process) 60,00

Accounting 2021 (euro):

Balance 2020 +3010,54
Income 2021 +741,72
Expenses 2021 -3446,74
New balance +305,52

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