The Great Gospel of John

[10.1.11] In order to prove Your divinity it is from Your side certainly necessary to perform signs and wonders for us blind gentiles, which cannot be done by any human being, at least if we can recognize the old skills of the magicians. And so You are entitled to perform, besides Your teaching - which is already a great wonder in itself - also other signs and wonders so that we more clearly can see that Your words are not human, but divine. But when Your teaching will by proclaimed and taught by Your disciples to the other people, just as You taught Your disciples, it will also be accepted as the purest, living truth from the Heavens, and it will be understood and actively observed. And the greatest wonder will be performed by the teaching itself because the people who will faithfully act accordingly will reach in them what is promised by it. But it will of course take a long time before this holy teaching will genuinely reach all people on Earth. But You are the Lord and knows best where, how and when a people is ripe for Your teaching."

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