Bishop Martin

[1.11] He waits for a while, looking around carefully to see from which direction the three will be coming, but they do not come.

[1.12] He calls once more, this time louder, and waits; but still nobody approaches.

[1.13] For the third time he calls, louder still, but again in vain.

[1.14] Now our man begins to feel very scared. He realizes his desperate situation and says: "Oh, for God's sake, Lord, help me! (This is only his habitual phrase.) What does this mean? I have called three times and no response!

[1.15] Am I damned? How can that be, for I do not see any fire nor any devil?

[1.16] Oh, Oh, Oh [trembling]. It is truly terrible! So alone! Oh, God, if one of these devils turned up now while I'm without a consecrated font or crucifix - what will I do?

[1.17] And the devil is said to be particularly keen on bishops! Oh, what a desperate situation! I believe the 'howling and gnashing of teeth' is already upon me!'

[1.18] I will discard my bishop's robe so the devil will not recognize me. But maybe that would give him even more power over me? Oh, what a terrible thing death is!

[1.19] If at least I were quite dead, then I wouldn't be afraid; but this being alive after death is so terrible!

[1.20] "I wonder what would happen if I walked on? No, no, I'd rather stay here. What consequences a step in the dark might have only God knows. Therefore, I would rather remain here until Doomsday, in the name of God and the Blessed Virgin!"

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